I’m Neelam. I am international TV Presenter and Communication Coach.

My mission is to help leaders become powerful communicators and connect with audiences authentically. Whether it’s in a boardroom, on-stage as a speaker, or in front of the camera for media interviews, I share world-class training and coaching to help you be seen, be heard, and stand out from the crowd.

The Power of Communication

Your ability to communicate and connect with people authentically can catapult your success.

Being in alignment and showing up as the most powerful and confident version of yourself will lead to greater influence.

Your story, voice, body language, mindset and energy determine who you are, how people perceive you and what you attract into your life and business.

Power and Presence

Your success and impact in the world is all connected to how you show up. When you step into your power and show up authentically you attract incredible opportunities.

This is what I did when I pivoted my career from a Fortune 500 marketer to an international TV Presenter and Journalist. I went from being in a boardroom to anchoring national TV shows for the world’s leading networks including CNN, ESPN, Discovery Channel, Rogers and TRT World.

Over the last two decades I interviewed fascinating people including CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, royalty, athletes, New York Times authors and spiritual leaders including the Dalai Lama. 

When I showed up powerfully, I won the Miss Canada title and competed on a world stage at the Miss Universe pageant placing in the top 10. I went through extensive media training and public speaking coaching to prepare me to face an audience of 2 billion people.

I launched an international media career and got paid to speak around the world. I delivered workshops for top companies and universities and coached leaders and entrepreneurs on how to up-level their communication skills, gain media exposure and get their message out into the world.

How I can help

There are specific communication skills and techniques that put world class leaders and achievers in a league of their own. Their success and ability to earn multiple figures is linked directly to their communication abilities and executive presence. 

I learned this from interviewing them, and from my own transformation as a businesswomen – turned Miss Universe finalist – turned Media Personality – turned Entrepreneur.  

If you are looking to elevate your communication skills and become a more influential and inspiring speaker or leader there are a few ways we can work together:

One-on-one Coaching

Workshops & Masterclasses


For all media and TV presenting inquiries contact neelamvermainc@gmail.com