Neelam presents interactive and engaging Corporate Workshops and Training to help your team become Powerful Communicators and Effective Leaders.


She has worked with senior executives, entrepreneurs, MBA students, celebrities and media personalities – all who shared a common goals of enhancing their public speaking and on-camera skills, developing strong presence and building a powerful personal brand.


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Communicate with Confidence – It’s what you say And how you say it.

  • The power of language
  • The art of story telling and sharing your authentic voice
  • Become an effective presenter and strong public speaker
  • Overcome stage fear
  • 30 second elevator pitch exercise
  • How to use your Body Language to own the room


Media & On-Camera Training – Lights, camera, action.

  • Professional news room training for interviews
  • Interview tips to rock it on camera
  • How to become a TV presenter, tricks of the trade
  • How to get your message across in 2 minutes
  • Delivering sound bites
  • Get the camera to love you


Power  & Presence – When leaders with executive presence speak, people listen.

  • What is it and why it’s important
  • How you can build it and key behaviours
  • Developing Gravitas & the Importance of EQ
  • How to command and work a room


Building your Personal Brand – What’s your message?

  • Aligning your career vision with your authentic self
  • Developing your personal brand
  • How to use your brand to land opportunities
  • Building your online presence


Dress for Success  – Dress for the job you want not the one you have.

  • Importance of Image in the workplace
  • Power dressing & investment pieces
  • Business casual vs business formal
  • Personal Grooming & Beauty Advice


Networking  – Building Authentic Relationships 

  • How to connect with people and build rapport
  • Social media networking
  • Business card etiquette
  • International & North American business etiquette



Neelam received rave reviews from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where she delivered a 3-day intensive workshop to MBA & EMBA students.

“Thank you for sharing your work experiences! Your tips and stories are very valuable to me. I will keep polishing my three pillars of gravitas, communication skills as well as professional appearance during my MBA journey. To me, you are really the star trainer on executive presence!”  

“An inspiring workshop, thanks for giving us concrete examples. You are truly an awesome advisor on delivering Executive Presence. Thank you so much!”  

“Impressive presentations with a lot of useful content and practical advice. I found your stories interesting and truly inspiring.”



Neelam received excellent feedback from both faculty and students at the Schulich School of Business in Canada. She presented workshops on Personal Branding, Communication skills and Networking to Undergraduate and Graduate students. With interactive exercises, personal stories and practical tips the students left feeling inspired and well equipped to  conquer their interviews.