Someone posted this beautiful memory of all the Miss Universe Canada winners on Instagram today. It was a trip down memory lane and it made me think of my journey and what Beauty means to me in my 40’s.



I believe that real Beauty is about being YOU, unapologetically, imperfectly and authentically you. Always being true to yourself despite how it may look to others. It’s about radiating love and joy from the inside-out. It’s about seeing the world with beautiful eyes, and all people and experiences as divine teachers. It’s about embracing your femininity and still feeling powerful, strong and fierce.


I feel honoured to have represented my country as Miss Canada, for me it is beyond physical beauty… it’s about confidence, self belief, trust and knowing that you were put on this earth to Shine. I am grateful I had the opportunity to rise up, stand up and show the world who I AM.  In whatever endeavour you choose ladies don’t be afraid to claim the stage and shine, whether in a boardroom, in business or in front of an audience … BE YOU.



Embracing all parts of ourselves: our intellect, our drive, our strength, our vulnerability is what makes us beautiful. Outwards standards of beauty presented in media and social media are fleeting, I know because I have experienced that industry first hand.  The moment you alter who you are to fit into someone else’s vision of beauty is when you lose yourself. I have seen women undergo surgeries, unhealthy diets and desperately try to fit in to gain approval and self worth, and it hardly ever leads to that. Do what feels good to you and what’s healthy for you not for the opinions of others. I personally have been asked to get a nose job, implants and been criticized for parts of my genetics that I’m proud of, like my broad shoulders. I found all these things so superficial and knew the moment I would be given an opportunity to speak my truth and showcase my energy all else would be secondary, and that’s exactly what happened.  And no I didn’t change one single thing about me. I owned the stage and reached heights in my career by being completely and authentically me.



I believe true Beauty comes from your warmth and how you make someone feel. When you feel great about yourself, when you love yourself and allow the world to see you for you… you have the natural ability to make others feel that way and that is Beautiful.  We have all met them, those people who radiate an energy that surpasses time, they age but are still magnetic. That charisma, that energy is a wholeness within themselves. The most beautiful people I have met told me they felt beautiful inside and loved themselves. Even the ones that don’t fit ‘conventional’ standards of beauty, the moment they believe in and own themselves… they become magnetic and you can’t help be attracted and drawn to them. In my humble opinion, the concept of beauty is really quiet simple… BE YOU tiful. Be you.