In November of 2017 I decided I wanted to Sky Dive. I had an incredible year… a year I call a journey back to myself.   I was on fire in terms of going after all my goals and desires. I followed my heart and my instincts which took me to Spain for an awesome conference full of entrepreneurs and ted talk speakers, to California for Burning Man and to Florida to experience Tony Robbins Date with Destiny. I felt transformed, alive and in love with life and myself.


As I got clear on my vision for my life and the things I want to do and be, I had the sudden desire to sky dive in Dubai over the Palm.  I put a photo of someone skydiving with the view of the Palm on my vision board in December, I had no clue when I would go to Dubai next.


…but of course the universe works in mysterious ways.


Two months later in February I felt like visiting Mumbai and Dubai, and within 24 hours I manifested a call from an old friend offering a work contract that would take me to both places! I took it. Within a week I was in Dubai. I tried to book Sky Dive Dubai 3 times before and during my trip but it was sold out. I thought it wasn’t meant to be… but at the last minute one person canceled, and the next morning I was in the sky jumping off a plane! It was my time, divine timing.


The Leap…letting go


I am proud to say that I experienced only a few minutes of nervousness and only felt fear the moment I looked at the earth from an open plane about to jump. It’s a surreal experience looking death into the face but having enough faith to leap anyway. I held my breath and jumped. In my mind I said it’s time to Let Go.  Within 30 seconds my nerves turned into crazy, pure joy. It was exhilarating. Magnificent. I felt free, alive. It was fun and freeing. I felt like superwoman, unstoppable, powerful and like this was MY world.


I AM Superwoman


The parachute down was stunning, Dubai is beautiful. I had the view of  the Palm (the exact photo on my vision board). When I landed I was blissed out and felt so calm and at peace. It’s a powerful thing to sky dive. I felt like if I could do this and face fear straight on, I can do anything. I feel fearless these days.  Each time I look up at the sky I can’t believe I took the leap. It makes me realize how powerful we are and how incredible this world we live in is. If you get the chance I say DO IT!  Be Fearless. Be You.


Pure Bliss over the Palm